Our Facility

Our Facility is located across the street from Intel, at 2500 NW 229th Avenue in Hillsboro, Oregon.  It was designed and stocked with equipment to meet the needs of our most novice clients, but is capable of actualizing the potential of the most elite athletes.  For example, our lightest kettlebells and dumbbells weigh less than 5 lbs, but our heaviest weigh over 100--allowing you to increase your upper and lower body strength no matter what your fitness level.

Our functional trainers and squat racks use pressurized air.  This allows us to adjust resistance in increments of one-tenth of a single pound to make sure that you progress every workout...AND they allow us to track velocity, giving us the ability to safely and precisely train at speeds used in sports and everyday life.  Because they provide instant feedback, you’ll be able to see exactly how you’re getting better in real-time.  To take care of those knots and trigger points in your back and shoulders, and that soreness in your hips, we’re well stocked with myofascial release tools.  We’ll use medicine balls to increase your upper body power (but we might use them to give you a great cardiovascular workout). For your core, you’ll have the opportunity to use our TRX trainers and gymnastic rings.  Finally, we have plenty of space to move around our huge turf space and love the track we use for acceleration training.

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