Gym Memberships & Programs

Private Coaching

This is an expertly delivered version of traditional one-on-one training for the client who prefers the utmost in personal attention and specialization. We’ll completely recast your idea of what your body can be and do by rigorously applying the most up to date science and holding you accountable for your commitment to yourself.

Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching is our more economical version of Private Coaching---but it may be even more effective! You’ll continue to receive a completely personalized program designed specifically for your goals and current capabilities, but you’ll also relish the energy, community, and motivation that come from training with others who are working towards similar goals

Team Training

We encourage everyone to participate in our team training classes which are included as part of every in-gym membership. These classes are typically in groups of 2-6 people and are designed to get you feeling great while getting results and having fun! Our Foundations class will teach and refine the most important human movement patterns while burning fat and getting you stronger. Afterburn will give you the most effective workout that you’ve ever had by upping the intervals, hardening your muscles, and forcing your body to burn extra calories for up to 36 hours after we high-five at the end of your workout. Tune-up utilizes principles from Yoga and Pilates and fuses them with the most up-to-date science on stretching, breathing and core stabilization to leave your body energized and your mind relaxed.

Youth Sports Performance Program

“Approximately 50% of youth injuries in sport can be prevented with appropriate preparatory conditioning inclusive of resistance training.”
-Position Statement on Youth Resistance Training: the 2014 International Consensus, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

It’s important to keep our athletes healthy. Not only so they can stay in the game, but to ensure that they are able to enjoy a lifetime of pain-free activity and the benefits it offers. Not only does our Youth Sports Performance Program make superior athletes out of its participants, it’s also geared towards bulletproofing young athletes against injury-----while making them as fast and explosive as they can be--on the field, court or mat; on the ice or in the pool. It includes speed and agility training, upper and lower-body plyometrics, and instruction in proper resistance training. Most importantly, our goal is to develop young men and women of great character who deserve the self-assurance they’ll gain. To that end, we emphasize work ethic, perseverance, respect, and the process of continuous improvement to maximize potential.

Personalized Program Design

Our low-cost option for those that will be training in a commercial gym, at home or on the road, but want to have a program designed by an experienced professional in sports medicine and strength and conditioning to ensure maximal efficiency and results. It includes a updated and specific program every three weeks, as well as emailed strategy sessions.

Private Team Training

For those club or school teams that are fully committed to excellence as a group, we also offer private team training. Here we’re able to go beyond the development of superior all-around athletes and emphasize a given sport’s specific demands, address the risk-increasing physical imbalances developed through sport specialization, and provide the appropriate conditioning for the demands of a particular sport or style of play.
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