Meet our Trainers

Jim Cavin, MSPT, PES

I am originally from Las Vegas, NV.  I started my career in speed, agility, strength and sports performance with my first job at a personal training studio after my sophomore year in high school. Subsequently, I served as a strength coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioningoutside of Boston, MA, and at the Reikes Center for Human Enhancement in Menlo Park, CA, which afforded me the opportunity to work with athletes from a wide group of backgrounds and ages, from middle schoolers to professionals in the NBA, NFL and NHL.   While an undergraduate at Boston University I was a two-year starter on the Division I wrestling team until a lower back injury ended my collegiate career as a Junior.  In 2002 I earned a Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, at which point I shifted my focus to sports medicine.  Since then I have continued to make strength and conditioning an important part of my professional path, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to come full-circle back to sports performance training.  

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My specialties include:

  • Speed, agility and strength training to enhance your Sports Performance. I teach our athletes the skills you need to move as efficiently as possible and to be strong, fast and explosive, while developing resistance to injury.  This three-pronged approach will help you reach your performance goals, whether it is to become a starter, win a championship, earn a scholarship to college, or beyond.
  • Improving function and movement for mature adults. My experience as a Physical Therapist has taught me the skills to help adults improve their strength, mobility, balance  and agility, ensuring you continue to move with ease.  This could mean avoiding falls, getting up and down from the ground quickly, continuing to play sports for more than a decade longer than your peers, or running road races with your grandchildren.
  • Body Transformation. My journey with fitness started as an overweight 11 year-old. Beginning a fitness program--despite having no idea what I was doing--led to a career, but years before that it changed me as a person by improving my self-confidence and body image. For you too, a properly designed exercise program, with the roadmap and support of our community, will lead to a cascade of positive changes that go far beyond how you look at the pool to how you feel when you look in the mirror.

Aside from the certifications above, I’ve been certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach by the NSCA, in the Functional Movement Screen and as a Pilates Instructor. My sport coaching credentials include certification as a Club Coach through the US Weightlifting Federation, and as a Level 1 Coach by USA Track and Field, the national governing bodies of those sports. In 2013 I took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing, and continue to compete. My other hobbies include playing volleyball, enjoying Portland’s dining scene, singing, and playing the guitar.

I’m married to Kaylene Meyer, a retired triathlete from Montana who happens to be an Athletic Trainer and fellow Physical Therapist. She has her Doctorate, but doesn’t make me call her “Doctor”. Prior to moving to Oregon, we worked as Travelling Physical Therapists and lived in Australia, LA, San Diego, Chicago, London, Washington DC, New York, Santa Cruz and Seattle. I spend a great deal of time trying to get her to lift weights more often, and we both spend a lot of time with our beautiful daughter and twin boys, mostly jumping on the trampoline.

Sam Johnson

Sam is a native to the Portland Metro Area and was a standout high school athlete before going on to pitch for the University of Oregon Baseball team. Since retiring he hasn’t stopped being involved in the sport however. In addition to helping SPORTFIT athletes maximize their potential, he is an assistant coach for Westview Youth Baseball. This experience in both sport coaching and strength and conditioning helps Sam make big differences in the lives of our clients. His specialties include youth sports performance as well as helping people who’ve had their lives and activities disrupted by injury return to moving, playing and living the way they want to following their rehabilitation. When not in the gym or on the field he can frequently be found playing with his dog, Rosie.

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